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Headcorn Village, Kent

A thriving community in the Weald of Kent!

Aerodrome Spitfire

Headcorn Aerodrome/Lashenden Museum & Tiger Club

Headcorn Aeodrome (Lashenden) has a fascinating history, including a role in First World War training and then as a base for the Canadian Air Force from 1943.


More recently the airfield has developed a range of leisure and pleasure flying activities for everyone to enjoy.  This includes parachuting, hot air ballooning and experience flights.


On 22nd June 2014 Lashenden launched a new venture, providing a fantastic trio of experience flights, in a Tiger Moth, Harvard and Spitfire.  


For full details of all the activities follow the links to the Headcorn Aerodrome website.

Lashenden Museum

Lashenden Air Warfare Museum is based at the Aerodrome and is a must-see for visitors to Headcorn.


Packed with exhibits from the second-world war it offers a fascinating insight into aviation history.

Spitfire Harvard Tiger Moth Harvard 2 Spitfire 2

Spitfire available for a flight experience!

Harvard available for a flight experience!

Tiger Moth available for a flight experience!

Spitfire single seat

A beautiful sight over Headcorn

Headcorn Aerodrome photo 4 photo 2 photo 5 photo 3 photo 1 Lashenden Museum

Tiger Club

Fabulous vintage aircraft flying club, where you can have trial flights and pilots can learn aerobatics and formation flying.


The Tiger Club have provided spectacular displays and organise Remembrance Day 'Poppy Drops' in Headcorn village, as these photos show - taken on 9th November 2014.

Tiger Club Tiger Club Crew Poppies Dropped Affixing the Contaners

Remembrance Day - Tiger Club Poppy Drop Headcorn High Street. 9th Nov 2014.

Tiger Club Website


Read about volunteering and the expansion plans at Headcorn Aerodrome:

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Aero Legends

Want to earn the chance to fly in a Spitfire?

Click here to find out how...

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