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Headcorn Village, Kent

A thriving community in the Weald of Kent!


Neighbourhood Plan

Click on the image to view the Headcorn Matters Mission Statement agreed by the Steering Group on 12th March 2013.

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Begun in early 2013, the Plan has still not yet reached referrendum stage.


Hampered by delays caused by MBC and the struggle of ailgning with MBC's widely criticised Local Plan (which still isn't agreed), this has been an onerous burden on local volunteers.  Whilst the promise of Localism sounded good it has failed to fulfil its promise in this corner of Kent.


Meantime, developers have swiftly gained planning approval for developments that significantly overshoot any publicly promised building limits made by MBC.

Any updates come only from the Parish Council who are leading this project.

Headcorn Matters

Click on the link to view the Maidstone Borough Council record of decision made on 8 April 2013.

MBC Decision

Lyn Selby

Chair - Headcorn Parish Council

Dave Andrews

Chair of Planning- Headcorn Parish Council

Michael Jefferys

Business Survey

Headcorn Matters

Rebecca Driver

Research & Evidence

Headcorn Matters

Sally Lewer

Headcorn Parish Council

Tim Thomas


Headcorn History Society

Brian Fossett

Residents Survey

Headcorn Matters

We have agreed the below Vision:


We would wish Headcorn to continue to develop and flourish as a balanced core rural community.  Small developments in traditional designs linked together with good, sustainable cycle routes and footpaths. This should be supported by sufficient school capacity, drainage and road infrastructure. The conservation area is an attractive tourist area that needs to be maintained and developed to support the local and surrounding community with a good range of retail possibilities. A sustainable community is essential and should be supported by good quality local employment, which encourages people to live, play and work in Headcorn.

Survey Findings

Here are the presentations from the meeting with Headcorn's Business Community on 3 December 2013 and with Headcorn's Residents on 5 December 2013, detailing the results of our surveys

Business Survey

High-Level Policy Objectives for Headcorn's Neighbourhood Plan (February 2014)


The Headcorn Matters team have distilled the results of Headcorn's residents and business surveys into five high-level policy objectives.


These are designed to provide a framework for the Team in its policy development work. These high-level policy objectives were approved by Headcorn Parish Council in its meeting on February 12th. (Click to enlarge image)



















Residents will have an opportunity to comment on these policy objectives, together with the more detailed policy proposals underpinning the Neighbourhood Plan, in a meeting with residents planned for May.

Residents & Traffic Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 07.05.04 Rebecca Driver Tim Thomas Lyn Selby Brian Dave Andrews Michael Jefferys Sally Lewer

Headcorn Matters: Recognised for Quality Evidence Gathering (May 2014)


Planning Aid England have recognised the work of the Headcorn Matters team and published it as case study for other villages considering a Neighbourhood Plan.


Funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government, Planning Aid England went through the details of the team’s work with key members, Rebecca Driver and Michael Jeffreys.  The case study can be seen by anybody interested in Neighbourhood Plans and will help other villages to form robust evidence based to present the wishes of their communities.


The case study recognises the Headcorn Matters team for their understanding the need for a robust evidence and using surveys to inform the evidence with everyone in the village having opportunities to air their views.  The article then goes on to draw out advice from Rebecca and Michael on how to produce the well-thought out work we have seen, drawing on the team’s experience and expertise.


Well done to the HM volunteers for being recognised for their good practice.  


Headcorn Parish Council Website

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Further Setback for Headcorn's Neighbourhood Plan Feb 2017 

Despite the Neighbourhood Planning team's best efforts the independent examiners report  has stated that we cannot currently go to referendum. The Parish Council and the hardworking volunteers are now considering their next steps and more news will follow.

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