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Persimmon Homes' Grigg Lane housing estate gets approval by MBC. 30 Nov

MBC has APPROVED the new development in Grigg Lane. There was an admission that there is "permeability" of pedestrian links between the site and Sharp's Field and Locks Yard but that whether that happens apparently depends upon the Parish Council who own the strip of land which currently blocks access. HPC have confirmed "they will never sell Spires Ash and if connectivity is agreed it will be footway only".

There were excellent speeches by Dr Kerr and Bridget Dungey to express compelling reasons for rejection but which were ignored because the site is already in MBC's local plan - and because Highways simply can't acknowledge the transport impact. Borough Councillor Prendergast spoke of her concerns about connectivity and transport. Borough councillor Round also expressed concern, but he commended the developer on their improved plans for the site.

Welcome Family Funeral Service and Headcorn Opticians to Headcorn

The Village has seen new shop openings already this year, including Famiy Funeral Service and Headcorn Opticians.  Please make them welcome!


Headcorn's Neighbourhood Plan Nov 2017 

MBC has been responsible for delays to Headcorn's Neighbourhood plan but had agreed to work with the Parish to try to progress it. Begun in late 2012 it is currently stalled before reaching referendum stage. The principle of it is that this community should decide on how it grows, in accordance with the concept of Localism. No signs of when any further progress will be made.

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New village defibrillators installed.            

Two new community defibrillators have been installed, one at Headcorn Fire Station and the other at the Village Hall.  One was kindly donated by the  Weald of Kent Rotary Club and property developer Creast Nicholson.

Please be aware you do NOT need to be trained to use this - instructions are provided in use.

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A fabulous Headcorn view. Click to enlarge. Taken September 2015.






And another from July 2017.

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Meet your village shopkeepers...

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Southern Water Sewer Maintenance 9 Jan 2018

From Headcorn Flood Forum: advance notice of sewer maintenance. A Southern Water heavy jetting lorry will be visiting these roads on or around 5th March. You will need to keep roads clear to avoid them abandoning the work through lack of access. A reminder will be posted nearer the time too and signage should be placed in the locations.

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Headcorn has Best Head Teacher in Kent

The Kent Messenger's annual

Teacher of the Year Awards 2017 recognised

that here in Headcorn we are fortunate

enough to have the Best Head Teacher

in the County.

Congratulations to Sarah Symonds.

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Headcorn Flood Action Group meets with Agencies to address flood risk questions 9 Nov

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Yesterday evening the Flood Action Group hosted its first

meeting with representatives from Southern Water, Kent

County Council, the Environment Agency and Maidstone

Borough Council. The various authoroties were asked a

range of questions relating to flooding issues in

Headcorn Village. Each question was answered and there

will be a follow up meeting in January 2018. A few important

points worth noting:

  • The meeting was constructive and it was evident that there was willingness to assist the community, where possible.

  • Guarantees were given that new developments would not make flooding in the village any worse.

  • The Authorities agreed to conduct a 'walkover' around the village with a representative of the Flood Action Group to discuss known issues.

  • There are no guarantees that existing flood risk (not associated with new development) can be reduced, altough important maintenance issues are being addressed in the short term.

If you would like to join Headcorn's Flood Action Group please email

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SNOW! 27 Feb 2018


New Opticians to Open

Headcorn Opticians will be opening its doors for the first time on Saturday 3rd February! They will be offering a wide range of services including eye testing and a Hearing Care service. PLUS they will be having a launch party on Saturday 10th Feb with goody-bags, information leaflets, drinks and nibbles.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.20.05 IMG_5503 IMG_5522 Headcorn Opticians